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Nokia Global Platform
Nokia Global Platform
Nokia Global Platform
Nokia Global PlatformNokia Global PlatformNokia Global PlatformNokia Global Platform


Revitalize the Brand

Nokia came to us wanting to revitalize their brand and to inspire visitors to re-appraise the Nokia they knew. We were asked to develop the new digital branding for Nokia’s global websites, to redefine the user journey to inspire and delight new and existing customers, and to deploy our solution in every country in the world.

Most importantly, our strategy had to solidify preference for the brand, help customers get the most out of their phone experience and help them solve problems with the least amount of effort.

Awaken the Possibilities

Faced with a plethora of legacy sites lacking a coherent message or experience, we decided to start from scratch by defining a user experience based on three key consumer needs: I want a phone, I have a phone and I need support.

Our core design philosophies for Nokia were to be simple (embracing the brand’s directive of less is more); to hero the offering (from smart phones to services and ideas), and to be authentic and innovative without compromising on the core brand DNA.

Global Deployment

In the spirit of the design philosophy, local Nokia markets were encouraged to ask consumers to select a background image that represented their country. This added a touch of flair to a seamless global-local deployment.

  • First country release and developed in under six months.
  • Global deployment launched in 15 markets in Q4 2011. The rest of the world is following in Q1 2012.


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