Better Skin, Better Life

NIVEA is well known for its expertise in skincare and famous for the blue creme tin that appears all over the world, but the brand also found itself with an increasingly aging consumer base.

NIVEA wanted to make the brand and the products relevant for the younger generation and engage with the loyal users, and to do that they knew they had to leverage the opportunities in digital.

That’s where we came in.

Refresh a Brand

In order to reach the NIVEA audience, we had to find a role in digital for the brand. A role that people would connect to and benefit from, encouraging them to continue to engage with NIVEA on a long-term basis. We defined this role as being the personal skincare advisor for life. This advisor talks to you on your level about your needs and recommends the right products for your skin, as well as offering tools such as a mobile app to find the right SPF for your current location’s sun conditions, and content programs such as a body shape program that helps you stay in form.

For a Lifetime

The new NIVEA website is the launching point for a truly connected experience for the consumer. Built on a globally rolled out Content Management System (SiteCore), it was launched in 58 markets.

Additional touchpoints within the digital ecosysteme include:

  • A global Facebook presence launched in multiple markets, which now counts a fanbase of over 1,2 million
  • Mobile applications, blogger outreach programmes and a search strategy, make the consumer journey a full experience from start to end.
  • Launch of multiple digital product campaigns across all brands and markets


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