Nike Canada Art of Running


A Flashy Launch

To launch the Vapor Flash jacket, Nike Canada wanted an offline-online experience that would reflect the innovative technology of the jacket.

We came up with the Art of Running, a platform that brought the jacket’s technology to life. More specifically, the highly reflective laminated face, which delivers 360-degree visibility in low light.

Art of Running is a celebration of light and the energy of running, timed to coincide with the city of Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche, a sunset-to-sunrise celebration of contemporary art.

The Art of Running

The concept began with 30 Vapor Flash runners, who took to the streets of Toronto in groups of 10. The glowing packs of runners became artistic spectacles in themselves, celebrating their luminosity and Nuit Blanche. Each team was equipped with a proprietary geo-location web-app, and as they traversed the cityscape, their movement was tracked and tied to the lighting of a digital art piece that was projected and broadcast online in real-time. Upon completing their 10K run, the runners had spelled out RUN.

While all this was happening, bystanders were invited to the Nike Toronto store for the opportunity to be photographed using stroboscopic technology while wearing the Vapor Flash jacket, creating their own Nike branded art.

Running Together

Over the course of the night:

  • 300 stroboscopic photos were taken of guests and uploaded in real time
  • 33,000 people visited
  • Over 150 people socialized the experience by leveraging Twitter and the #artofrunning hashtag
  • 2200 people visited the Toronto store during the 4-hour event


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