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#RiseAbove#RiseAbove Isolation#RiseAbove Limits#RiseAbove Expectations#RiseAbove Conditions


Sporting Relevance

As the world was gearing up for the biggest sporting event in London in 2012, basketball was leading the way as one of the marquee events. Nike/Jordan were not recognized sponsors but wanted to be part of the conversation, especially with Jordan athletes playing key roles on the USA Basketball Team.

We needed to find the right way to share with our audience our collective love for the game at a time when the sport itself was much bigger than any of the superstar athletes.

Rise Above

What emerged was a true celebration of basketball around the world. We documented powerful basketball stories about real people rising above adversity and then asked the world to share what the game helps them overcome.

This mobile driven campaign was Jordan’s first ever Instagram campaign. Fuelled by mini documentaries on YouTube, the Jumpman23 Instagram channel lit up with thousands of photos from fans across the globe sharing the obstacles basketball helps them overcome.

Rise Above Expectations

#RISEABOVE quickly became a catalyst to promote positive change through basketball and proved to be the most successful digital campaign in Jordan’s history.

500,000 likes and counting on Instagram and Facebook

Over 1.7 Million views on YouTube

More than 327 Million Impressions


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