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Getting People Offline

BACARDI is all about getting people together, but how do you create an online experience that encourages people to get together in real life?

Since 1862, BACARDI has facilitated human connections and has become recognized as the world’s most mixable and most sociable spirit.  They wanted to take this promise of connection to a new generation of drinkers, who were spending most of their time online.

We came up with BACARDI ‘Like It Live, Like It Together’ as a modern-day execution of their philosophy, which brings people’s Facebook Likes to Life.

Like It Live

Like It Live, Like it Together spun the social media world on its head by turning the Facebook ‘Likes’ shared by fans into real world experiences.

To encourage people to get together in the real-world, our concept utilizes Likes as a way to inspire, engage fans, and facilitate real get together moments. This starts with Facebook.

BACARDI’s Like It Live, Like It Together Facebook tab features Like Offs, that allow fans to vote for a series of Likes that are mixed and brought to life by BACARDI in a series of unique events held around the world.

Liking It

This is a truly innovative idea for BACARDI and for our industry as it breaks the normal rules of marketing: starting digitally on Facebook and finishing by connecting consumers “offline”.

  • Active user rates went from 331,000 in May to 2.5 million in June.
  • Weekly active users went up to 1.2 million, from 156,000 at the beginning of May.
  • Targeted demographic went from being 15% of BACARDI’s Facebook fan base to 24% after the event.
  • YouTube channel views increased 67% over the previous month.


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