Networked Brands — Building Equity In the Connected Global Economy

At Blast Radius we help our clients’ businesses by connecting brands and customers in creative and innovative ways. We do this with our unique brand-building model, the Networked Brand.

We believe that Networked Brands deliver the most genuine value online. They do this by being useful to customers — tapping into shared ideals, combining readily available assets to create new value, and capitalizing on unexpected opportunity — while providing marketers with the unbreakable ecosystem and emotional bond with customers that drive higher loyalty and repeat purchase.

At the core of the model is a self-sustaining interactive ecosystem that spreads its message, content and products faster and more cost-effectively than a traditional brand, while driving deeper participation and engagement.

One of the reasons Starbucks is regarded as one of the most engaged brands online is the Networked Brand. Digital is a strategic differentiator for their business.

To deliver this model, our service offering is built around four pillars with a strategic foundation at the heart, helping us provide full service across all digital channels including platform, campaigns, mobile, eCRM, search, analytics, partner integration and content creation. These four service areas are:

Brand Planning

A brand extends beyond value propositions and products; it’s based on a complex value exchange with a consumer. We call this the shared ideal – a deeply held set of beliefs shared by both parties. It’s the foundation for authentic connections, and we use it to plan a Networked Brand.

  • Shared ideal development
  • Brand role analysis
  • Networked brand architecture
  • Consumer research & insights

Brand Experience

Consumers don’t look to brands for just products, but also some sense of lifestyle enrichment. We build brand experiences that bring value to everyday interactions. And instead of adding to the clutter, we create storied content that resonates while growing with time.

  • Platforms (including eCommerce)
  • Mobile applications and sites
  • Digital campaigns
  • Content development

Brand Management

Traditional brands are top-down but networked brands are bottom-up – they are living, adaptive entities built on connections. We help your brand grow sustainably through responsive, engaging and personalized brand management.

  • Content programming
  • Community management
  • eCRM programs
  • Platform growth & maintenance

Brand Intelligence

It’s the foundation in all we do. Intelligence helps us understand the lifeblood that flows within a brand that informs our strategy. It allows us to build tailored experiences, and ensures we manage brands responsively.

  • Listening
  • Analytics
  • SEO

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