Blast Radius Vancouver launched a new site for the Government of Saskatchewan ( The site will be released in multiple phases over the course of two years with the first phase going live the week of December 16 (this week). The digital communication portal promises to improve access to information and services for Saskatchewan people, as well as those considering visiting or moving to the province. This investment replaces the former website, which was introduced in 2006 before tablets and smart phones were commonly used, and it is part of how Saskatchewan is responding to the increased demand for government services. The population has reached 1.1 million in 2013, with 100,000 in population growth over the last six years.

“The government had a unique vision for their site and presented us with an exciting challenge,” added Gautam Lohia, chief technology officer and managing director, Blast Radius, Vancouver. “Unlike other jurisdictions, the province’s digital approach is organic and will evolve regularly to reflect all of the activity, growth, pride and heritage that make this province great. Most importantly, it will ensure everyone will have quick access to frequently used government programs and services.” is part of an overall program to enhance online services to citizens. The web project included planning for the new digital program, gathering citizen feedback into their wants and needs, selection and implementation of a new content management system, reviewing more than 400,000 pages of existing website content, design for the new site, including a more accessible and mobile-friendly site, build of the new website and testing of the new website.