Looking for Utopia with Agencies in Amsterdam

From content to collaboration, check out the big issues that were discussed at Campaign’s third Adland in Amsterdam debate. Suzanne Bidlake, Ben Armistead, Kerrie Finch, Philip Smith, Simon Neate-Stidson, Emily Creek, Martin Weigel and Antonin Jamond round out the table as they give their thoughts on the latest advertising trends and issues.

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Innovation Is a Passionate Accident

Shawn Fenton’s job title is bogus.

But that’s only because innovation is most often accidental. Not to be forced or demanded, the “Aha” moments spark when passions and ideas come together, and drive us to work on what we care about – not just what we have to do.

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Carefirst Blue Cross BlueShield FRNZY

In an effort to reach their millennial audience, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield tasked Blast Radius with creating something fun and engaging, yet educational in order to promote their health and wellness message.

What better way to capture the attention of millennials than with an app. FRNZY is a collection of fast-paced mini-games with an educational twist. Brainteasers, timed-reaction and mobile dexterity challenges come together in a polished package to create an addictively fun experience.

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Amsterdam Calling: A Small Hub for a Big World

What’s Amsterdam’s secret? It’s that most of it’s advertising agencies are 100% Dutch.

Successful agencies recognize that every brand has its own ecosystem made up of people, touch points, data and products. Understanding that ecosystem and leveraging it gives us the results that every client wants – broader reach, deeper loyalty and higher sales conversion.

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FWA Mobile

Blast Radius Chicago brings in an FWA Mobile of the Day for their work on FRNZY – a new mobile game created for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield.

Site of the Day – December 1


Blast Radius to Launch Sengled Smart LED Range across Europe

Blast Radius has been appointed to run all European marketing and advertising operations for Sengled, the Chinese manufacturer of intelligent lighting products. The partnership will encompass print, digital and media activities to support the European launch of Sengled’s range of smart household devices.

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Polite, Contextual Targeting

World Cup 2014. USA vs. Ghana. “No, Jozy, no! No, Clint, no!” we all bellowed in unison as our beloved US forwards grimaced in pain, grasping hamstrings and trying to stop a deluge of blood from pouring out of a probably broken nose. My inner dialogue unfolds—“Ah, what are we gonna do?! We’re f… Hey wait, is that the Band-Aid logo politely coming into view on the ad boards? Man, Band-Aid brand bandages sure do a great job at tending injuries, especially the ones with blood. I think I need to make a stop on the way home and pick up a box in case I get a stray cleat to the face…

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E-Commerce Link: The Second Screen

Vani Oza, User Experience expert, writes for Target Marketing Magazine about demystifying the second screen and a few considerations when designing these experiences. Read the full article

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