Meet Adland's Career Chameleons

Creative directors Bumper Carroll and Jen Bills, now married with two kids, met doing comedy, including a gig in Amsterdam and jobs with Second City, before they both found new careers in advertising.

Mr. Carroll said they both experienced many of the same challenges while transitioning careers, and both said they would go to each other for professional advice or to compare notes.

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Stop Interrupting, Start Engaging: A Paradigm Shift in Consumer Marketing

On the night of the 2014 Oscars, Samsung used a single tweet to get the whole world talking.

During the show’s live broadcast, the tech giant arranged for actor Bradley Cooper to take a selfie — using a Galaxy Note 3 phone — with a gaggle of A-list celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence. DeGeneres then posted the selfie to Twitter, and it quickly went viral, generating more than 3 million retweets in 24 hours.

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E-Commerce Link: 6 Steps for Selecting an Enterprise Content Management Platform

There are thousands of content management systems (CMS) and content management platforms floating around the Web ( indexes over 1,200 content management applications). With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide what will work best for your organization. Here’s a practical approach that can help marketers with budgets of all sizes select an appropriate content management platform.

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Technology Is Human When It Serves a Human Need

Two of the sessions I attended on Monday, March 16th at SXSW were “Digital Natives – Teen Talk” and “Humanizing Digital”. And honestly, it felt as though the key takeaways regarding how brands should and can impact your life were contradicting. For example, a Gen Z student being paneled said “brands aren’t people and everybody knows it… don’t encroach on my space” whereas marketers are rapidly trying to figure out “how can we become more human and change the way people think?”

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Convergence and What's Left after CES?

It seems a bit redundant to rattle off trends from CES. Sure, we could talk about wearables, smart cars, robot chefs, bending TVs, not to mention the astounding amount of selfie sticks flanking booths. It’s been covered though.

Despite the noise and chatter surrounding the event and its “stuff,” at the end of the day CES has always been the place where technology and creative come together for innovation. So perhaps we should take a step back, clear away the top 10 lists, and evaluate what this year’s event means for the industry and its partners.

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