Bridging the digital divide

With Apple and Google entering the healthcare space, healthcare companies need to get on board with technology if they want to remain relevant. Here’s what it will take to succeed in the digital age.

It’s no secret that digital technology has the power to disrupt entire industries.

Just look at what Uber has done to the taxi industry. Think about how Airbnb has changed the hospitality trade. Or consider the impact that iTunes has had on the music business.

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Getting The Most From Influencers

Looking for insider insights into the best ways to partner with social influencers? George Moreira, Senior Strategy Director at BR Chicago, was a part of a panel titled “So You Want To Partner With ‘Influentials‘…Really?” at this year’s OMMA Chicago conference, discussing the best way to co-create with other content creators. Learn more at Mediapost.

FWA Goes Inside Blast

This month’s FWA Agency Spotlight takes a look into life at Blast Radius. Click for the insights into digital marketing, stay for the dog pics. Check out the full profile here.

Is it good? Is it weird? Or is it both?

We’ve been working hard to help Lenovo launch their global “Goodweird” campaign, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it take off. Find out more on Ad Age.

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Marketers can find healthy success with the wellness trend

A few years ago, it seemed like every brand in America -- from Walmart to Clorox to Inuit -- was touting its green virtues. But not all of these companies were living up to their claims; many were guilty of "greenwashing," or paying lip service to environmental issues without adopting green business practices. 

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5 Steps to Establish Content Marketing Workflow and Metrics

Outlining a process for creating, measuring and disseminating your content will help streamline your content marketing and maximize the performance of your content. Generally speaking, this is a five-step process:

1. Analyze data and insights: Understand the customer, identify influences, collect data and develop a single view of the customer.

2. Develop a content plan and strategy: Use customer personas to develop a centralized strategy and define an appropriate mix of original and curated content.

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Meet Adland's Career Chameleons

Creative directors Bumper Carroll and Jen Bills, now married with two kids, met doing comedy, including a gig in Amsterdam and jobs with Second City, before they both found new careers in advertising.

Mr. Carroll said they both experienced many of the same challenges while transitioning careers, and both said they would go to each other for professional advice or to compare notes.

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